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How To Teach A 6-Year-Old Child To Read (Early Genius Training)

Kids around age six are like sponges and towels; they assimilate information on a day to day basis. At that age, they are at their most impressionable and mentally duplicate whatever they see or hear. Without proper supervision, they may pick up some intemperate habits. Still, if this susceptible state gets properly harnessed, then your six-year-old will have the ability to read in no time.

As this text proceeds, you will learn ways to effectively groom your six-year-old into an avid reader with fun reading activities at home. 

Can A Child Learn To Read Early?

Several kids learn how to read at age six and end up being prominent readers by the time they are eight years old. However, this is not the standard age for a child to start learning because most kids can learn how to read even before they are six.

Some children can identify and combine letters as early as age three. This scenario changes the narrative because most parents seem to want to wait to a certain age before they start teaching their kids how to read; this should not be the case. Study your little one, try to find out when he or she is ready to read, and when you notice their readiness, start teaching them regardless of how old they are.

Fun Ways To Teach Your Child How To Read

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If it is not something you are used to, or it is not a hobby, reading can become a boring activity. Kids get easily bored compared to grown-ups, and they have minimal attention spans, so it is imperative to employ fun ways to teach them. Let us take a look at some fun ways you can teach your child to read.

  • Make use of nursery rhymes and songs to build their phonemic awareness. Kids never shy away from a catchy and rhythmic tune. Singing a particular group of words and phrases repeatedly helps develop their pronunciation and phonemic awareness.
  • Use paper to craft simple word cards in your home. Cut out simple words with a piece of paper, or create a collage of such type of terms and read them along with your kids, words like; rat, cat, man, dad, etc. would surely ease them into the reading process. This particular point is quite valid as it will improve a child’s reading level at home. You can also use this method to teach them sight words because they play an essential role in allowing children to understand the context of what they are reading.
  • Ensure your child is engaged in a print-rich environment. Surround your child with books, charts, and boards embedded with words and accompanied by photos to grab their initial attention. Seeing this every day will help them develop their reading and make them love the activity to the point that they start looking for materials like that to read.
  • Play word games with them whenever you can. To follow up on the above step, instead of quizzing them and putting them under pressure, you should engage them in innocent word games to know how well and fast they are learning to read. You can play simple games like asking them “what word sounds like _____” or “what word rhymes with ____.”
  • Ensure to read with them daily. Reading a book with your kid carries the child along, making them feel like they are on a learning journey with you, it helps them learn retentively, and it is something they can look forward to in the nearest future. After reading, you can ask them about the book to see if they were paying attention. Reading daily with your child is the best way to teach your child how to read, as it alerts you to their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take advantage of technology. The world is fast advancing through technology, and kids are attracted to gadgets and games. Some kids may find paper reading daunting; in this case, you can download reading games with rewards or applause when they get it right. In this way, your kid can learn and play at the same time.
  • Do not hurry them, patience is important here. Kids can be very restless and stubborn sometimes when teaching them to read, try to be patient with them if they don’t seem to get specific methods, get ready to try new ones. Give them time, and they will eventually catch up.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading

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Like I mentioned earlier in this text, some children may find it more difficult than others to catch up on their reading skills, but that should not be a big problem. Whether your child has a condition or doesn’t seem to be catching up, there are a few ways to tackle this.

  • Find books at their level and teach them with them. This feat is achievable by allowing them to pick the books they’d like to read.
  • Try teaching your child with audiobooks, hearing the words as they look at them could help them learn faster.
  • Reduce the amount of time they spend playing games and watching television, which may be the center of their attention, and it can affect their academic performance.
  • It’s okay to reduce the reading pace. If they are not catching up on time, you could try reducing the speed and read with them slowly.
  • If all the above proves abortive, then you can get professional help.

Benefits Of Reading To Parents And Children

Children benefit a lot from reading. It is an essential part of their growth, and it introduces them to the world around them, albeit from a different perspective. When children read, their imaginations expand, they increase in knowledge, and they perform better in school because going back to read what you have learned helps you remember them for tests and exams.

As a parent, watching your child learn how to read and get better at it daily is something to look forward to and be proud of, knowing that your little one can see and identify words must bring joy unmatched. If you spend time reading with your kid, it allows you to bond with him/her and make the child feel safer around you as they grow up.

Final Thoughts

The mind of children is like an empty board; whatever you write on, it will stay. Endeavor to take advantage of this mental state of your child and improve their knowledge by teaching them how to read on time, and if they are struggling, give it some time, they will eventually get there, and it gets easier as they grow older.

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